Friday, August 28, 2015

August 28, 2015

I guess I'm quitting early.  I thought I could make it to September, but nope.  Not gunna happen.  I quit now.

I am really broken right now, so I'm saying "quit", but I suppose I might get enough rest to make it back by October, but I really doubt that.  My mind is no longer able to do the unique thing that I have been able to do for twenty years-- take a ever-more-complex ministry, keep it in my mind and guide it from one place to another.

Homeless ministry is difficult, partly because no one, apart from the homeless, wants it to succeed.  (See the last post)  Partly because every homeless person is so different and it requires a unique point of view and plan for each person.  So a leader of a homeless ministry is like Jackie Chan running from the gangsters behind him and the police are ready to shoot him from the front, so you got to dodge all the bullets and you have to save the heroine who is screaming at you to do something.  Up to this point, I've been able to do that.  Not today.

There's a certain kind of brain that can accomplish this.  I have never trained anyone to do a ministry like Anawim because I don't think anybody could do it.  I built it around my unique mental abilities.  My brain changed.  The ministry changed-- by becoming more complex.

Well, I'll give it up to God.  It's beyond me now.


Kittyatlarge said...

so is anawim going to go on? I think a lot of this ministry and the family that made it happen. You used me in our ministry when no one else would and that means a lot to me. I hope Anawim goes on even if it means different leadership like Jeff strong.

Steve Kimes said...

Anawim will continue this September while I am on break. When I get back in October, then we will see how Anawim did without me and how I am and decide whether we will continue after that. Jeff can't take over, he's beyond his limit already. But if we have a dozen people take over, perhaps it can be done.