Monday, November 10, 2014

Connect to Prevent Violence

Gun control won't stop school shootings. Many of the shooters are "borrowing" guns from family or friends.
But what really DOES cause school shootings? I think it is because we live in a society that is filled with fear and isolation. Human frailty turns fear into protection at whatever the cost. Isolation makes other human beings less than human. Add a agreement that violence is an answer to fear, and then individuals will take matters in their own hands. If we want to stop shootings, we should reduce the fear and isolation that many people feel.
Connect with others. Love your family, not matter what they've said or done. Get help for those who are mentally unstable. Pray for those who are weak.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

The Age of Information

Since we live in the age of information, is there any excuse for ignorance.  Since so many people have the knowledge of the world in their pockets, then why are there still so many people that understand so little?

What is being discovered (especially by the NSA) is that there is too much information, and that no one can process it all. 

The problem with information now is not discovering the truth, but wading through too much truth to discover what is significant. If we choose the wrong truth to focus on, we can still be ignorant.