Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week of June 1, 2015

Well, we got started up again.  The schedule is shallower than it was when Anawim shut down at the beginning of March, but we are up and going.  St. Johns is shut down for now.  Even Nick and Rebecca closed Mercy Table because they are going to China for the summer to adopt an adorable child.  Gilbert is in the hospital with terminal liver cancer.  He said he's happy to go.  I don't blame him, at least his suffering would be over.

I finished my training this week, the final sessions of the Peacemaking Among the Homeless sessions.  It went well.  So much information, but it's great to have people willing and excited to receive it.

Our first day open again had almost a hundred people there for the BBQ and for just supporting.  I've seen most of the homeless at work days or just hanging out at our place while we were closed.  But there were so many people I haven't seen for a while, and they have returned to visit, clean and sober and housed and doing well.  So many children!

I wish that we could retain these folks when they are doing well, but I understand that we are on the edge, meeting people's needs so they can make positive decisions in their lives.  This means they are still making the bad decisions and the "graduates" need to not hang with them, lest they start making bad decisions again.

What a strange church we are.  As soon as we have success, our people leave.  We are some sort of homeless high school, I guess.

I can't believe how tired I am.  I shouldn't have opened this week.  Someone had asked Travis "Why are you opening now?" as if we weren't needed yet.  Perhaps he's right.  I need to rest more, recover from the training I've done over the last two months.  But no, the workaholic must press on.

I don't know if I can start up yet.  But I guess we'll see.  I guess I'll do what I always do.  Press on.  Pray for strength.  Press on.  Pray for patience, pray for peace.  Press on.  That's what I do.

Really, though, it's been a peaceful first week, even with all the people there.  Everyone was happy, quiet, satisfied.  So quiet.  Spooky quiet.

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