Sunday, May 05, 2013

Top 5 Music Artists for My Writing

I have not done this. Yet.
My writing habit is to find a place where no one will disturb me-- like a Starbucks or fast food restaurant-- plug in some music to drown the noise out and get going.  This means I need a music that is loud enough to do the job, but not so distracting that I focus on the music instead of my writing.  Musicals are out, because they always tempt me to break out in song, which isn't often welcome at Starbucks, but also distracts me from my writing.  A general list of my favorite songs also have the same problem.  I don't usually listen to 70's or Classic Rock, because each song demands my attention.

I do make playlists for my writing times, but more often than not I play through an artist that gives me the focus I need.  These artists aren't boring, but they have a flow and they assist me in focusing, as well as giving me a mood as a background to my writing.

Red Mountain Church
This is a worship group that plays a soothing Americana to old hymns with lost music.  Powerful, deep and interesting vocal talent.  Good for writing about Jesus.

Red House Painters
What is it about bands with "Red" in the name?  These folks are even more soothing, playing your basic acoustic guitar and piano.  Their songs tend to run long, which is good, and they play covers which are unrecognizable from the original, but good in their own right. Good for writing in general.

I have to qualify that my Radiohead collection is pretty unique in that I don't have some of their more stand out songs, which I consider irritating.  I still have a number of albums worth of songs, and they are perfect for writing, especially if I am really intense or angry.

Black Heart Procession
I have loved these guys since I first heard them in a local coffee shop.  They have a spooky quality, almost like you were listing to the soundtrack to a horror film about children with squeaky swings and low tones.  The funny thing is, they are not dark, but teasing around the darkness, which makes them perfect for when I feel snarky.

Again with the Americana.  Catchy songs, but folksy and just wonderful.  I suppose someday I'll get tired of them, but they are just what I need right now.

As far as I'm concerned, these bands, plus Peter Gabriel, Sam Phillips, John Michel Talbot and others are the sponsors of my writing.  They have made my life richer.