Thursday, January 15, 2009

Protecting Children

Posted originally in MennoDiscuss, concerning taking precautions for children who might get sexually approached on the internet.

I think that Stoltz' warning is a good one. He is not talking about a present danger, RP, but a potential one. One that exists not just on MD, but everywhere-- parks, public school, homeschool (a Mennonite couple I know who homeschooled their kids, their one son molested his sister), play dates, etc, etc.

What I do to help protect my kids-- we can't protect them from EVERYTHING, but we can take wise safeguards-- is the following:
a. to give them a descent education about sexuality as soon as they are old enough to comprehend it,
b. to keep a parental eye on them as much as possible, and to check on them regularly
c. to observe them while online, as much as possible and keeping their online activity in a public area where it is constantly observed.

At the same time, once a child is old enough to make their own decisions and to safeguard themselves, I feel I must give them freedom, if they feel ready for it.

Any other suggestions?

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