Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Sufficiency of Scripture

I noted that Von posted an interesting comment on another post-- Yes, of course it was Von-- but I'd like to continue the discussion of that here.

He said that he believed that Scripture guides us in all things. I take from the context of that statement that he believes that Scripture will give us wisdom or guidance in all situations. I am willing to be corrected on that, Von.

Just to get the ball rolling, I have to say that I strongly disagree.

While Scripture gives us specific commands on some issues and general principles on others, there are some situations that Scripture doesn't really talk about.

Should I take my children to see the new Narnia movie? (I dislike them, by the way) Let's see, the Narnia movies depict children in war situations, which doesn't really go well with "Love your enemies" and Scripture commands me to "Train your children in the righteousness of the Lord." On the surface, it looks like I shouldn't. However, I also have the freedom to take them to the movie and then explain to them afterwards what the Lord would say about it.

Should I homeschool my children or send them to public school? Should I celebrate Christmas in a Jesus way, or ignore the holiday? Should I take in this homeless person off the street or offer them money? There is wisdom that could be given in all of these situations, but the Scripture isn't specific about any of them.

Rather, the Scripture says that it isn't the Scripture that would guide us into all truth but the Spirit. The Scripture gives us guidelines and principles and commands-- all of which we should follow. But the Spirit helps us know how we should apply them to specific contexts.

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