Friday, January 15, 2010

Speaking With The Government

My daughter is going to interview Nick Fish, a city commissioner, today, as part of her school. I had a few words that I thought she could tell him, but decided better of it. After all, it's her discussion with the city, not mine.

But if we are citizens of the kingdom of God, then what should we be saying to government? Some say that we hold dual citizenship and so are full participants in both governments. That's too confusing for me. If I go to government, it is as an ambassador of the Kingdom of God, not as a citizen.

So my task, in speaking to government, is that which God wants me to speak to them, no more, no less. I may have personal opinions, but God's will must be primary. I need to uphold the oppressed and downtrodden, to recognize that the government won't save anyone, but they also must be ready to support the needy.

Salvation is not found in government, but in Jesus.

I've had a brief discussion with someone who says we should support the troops. I am saddened for the troops because they've been brainwashed into obeying the military's orders. I think they are put in a terrible situation. But it is the troops which is the weapon that kills. The Iraqis, Afghanis and others need Jesus, not the American military. And they can't have both. Because to them, Westerners represent "Christians", whether they are followers of Jesus or not. And if people come with guns and killing innocents, that is who is representing Jesus to them. Jesus does not support killers. He supports martyrs.

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