Thursday, December 25, 2008

If You Think This Blog is Interesting...

Well, there's a lot more. If you want to read more of Steve's stuff, or to check out other resources that relate to some of the stuff talked about in this blog, visit my other blogs. There is a little overlap, but, honestly, not very much. I must be some kind of writing machine!

Ministry To The Homeless
A blog about my ministry to the homeless.

Radical Sermons for the 21st Century
A selection of my teachings from 2001 to the present day.

The SKV—A New Translation in the Making
My translations-- literal and extremely dynamic-- of the Greek New Testament.

Brief Bible Basics
Short summaries of Bible themes and a retelling of the story of Scripture.

A Commentary on the Sermon On the Mount
Verse by verse commentary on Jesus' Law in Matthew 5-7.

Meditations On The Psalms
A selection of the psalms and commentary

The Faithful: Brief Summaries of 20 Christians Who Changed The World
A list of my heroes throughout Christian history with a brief summary of their lives and what they teach us about following Jesus.

Class War: Thoughts On The Interaction Between Classes
Essays on povery and the relation between the middle and lower classes in the U.S.

Questionable Wisdom
Short principles of life written by both me and quotes from many others.

Interesting Stuff
Various stuff that I find interesting that don't fit the category of my other blogs. Movies, music, poems, internet sites, whatever.

SOON TO COME: An illustrated commentary on the book of Revelation!

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