Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Last night I woke up gasping.

I dreamed that every creature, every plant, every speck of water on the planet was alive.  Not just alive, but could see.  The world was filled with eyes, billions, trillions of eyes.  And with every step I made with my Danner boots, with every inch I drove with my truck, with every deep breath I took to be fully alive, I crushed those eyes.  Hundreds, thousands of them are dead with each act of life I undertook.

I would dig up a tree and thoughtlessly I would destroy an ecosystem, a measure of millions.  I prepare ground for a garden and I cannot help but kill the quiet creatures that gave that patch life.  I grow my food, I build my life, I eat and thrive only on a pyramid of death.

I live by the forced sacrifice of all other creatures.  Meat is the least of it.  All I do is death.  My very existence is a horror waiting to happen to the small. The tinier the life, the more likely I will kill it thoughtlessly.

I believe it is time for me to feed, not murder.

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