Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Internet Wins Again!

Today, the Metropolitain Museum of Art made available almost 400,000 images of classic art, which anyone can access for free, free for reposting and general use.  This means that works of meaning and beauty are available for a huge part of humanity, ready to use and to love.

This is what the internet is about.  It's not another commercial opportunity, although some use it as that.  It is an open door to a new economy without money, without limits.  This is happening more and more.  We are able to connect with others and love others and share beauty and the most important ideas ever thought, and no one has to pay any extra.

 Classic works of literature are being made available to all.

Great and popular movies available for free on youtube

Even as Facebook is not the place to post private items, the internet is becoming the place to not post things you want to make money off of.

I am so happy.

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