Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Saturday

The darkness crept up my leg
jumped onto my hands
and crawled up my sleeve.
I could feel the darkness
cold on my flesh
weighing heavy on my back
like a burden that would never
be released.
The ninth plague has fallen
and the tenth has swallowed me.

In this hell I languish, but not lonely,
For the burdened always have company
Blaming each other, blaming God
Blaming oneself,  for
Anguish produces a need for karma
A need to punish.
It is often easier to look back at the wrong
than look forward to release.

Yet redemption is nigh:
Yes, it accompanies the peeling off of darkness
like an inner skin;
Yes, it involves a bone-wearying battle
against Death himself;
Yes, it means taking up the work we’ve laid down
and finishing the uncompleted love.

Pray that I be strong.

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