Friday, February 13, 2009

12 Values

I also received yesterday from the same person 12 values to live by. I had already made my own, but I revised it:

Freedom: To grant everyone the God-given freedom they have to make their own choices, even if poor

Tolerance: Accepting that others believe differently than I, while still standing firm in Jesus.

Responsibility: Whatever results from our actions, we resolve to deal with the negative ones

Community: In whatever community we live in, we resolve to live by those principles, even if uncomfortable

Faithfulness: To keep our word and our loyalties in relationship

Do No Harm: To never, under any circumstances, damage another unless for their benefit by their will

Golden Rule: Treat others with the same amount of respect, love, care, compassion, and consideration that we would be treated

Compassion: Putting myself in the other person’s need, and trying to meet it

Generosity: Never keeping anything for myself that someone else needs more

Self-Sacrifice: Meeting other’s needs even if it means to not meet my own

Courage: Standing up for Jesus and His gospel in all situations, especially with other believers

Hope: Trusting in my actions that Jesus is returning to rule the world

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