Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is the Outgrowth of the Kingdom?

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Given that Jesus is the core of the kingdom of God, what is understood as the outgrowth of that kingdom?

Jesus is the "son of God", which in the first century was a term for Caesar Augustus (as well as the Messiah)
Jesus is the "son of man", to which Jesus refers to Daniel, the emperor of the world, sitting at the right hand of God.
Jesus is the "son of David", which is another term for the messiah.
Jesus is the "christ", which is another term for the messiah, the God-given ruler of God's people, emperor of the Gentiles.
Jesus puts himself as the ruler of the temple (instead of the high priest)
Jesus puts himself as the new lawgiver (instead of Moses)

If Jesus is the "seed" of the kingdom of God, then the outgrowth of that kingdom is a new empire. Jesus planted the church, not to BE that new empire, but to be the seed of it. An underground revolutionary movement, with it's own laws (the law of Christ) its own judges and court (I cor 5-6), its own economy (Acts 4) and its own ruler (Jesus the Lord).

This kingdom is not to be found in its fullness until Jesus returns, but the church is still supposed to be in the world, living out this empire which is to come.

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