Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I believe that God... (the significant word is "I")

I heard someone say this: "The christian bible says that, 'Jesus is the way'. But, there are many holy books that teach something else. I believe that there are many ways to God". How would you respond to this?

There's not much that you can say about that. If you believe in something else, then that's your choice.

Some have taken Pascal's wager, which is that believing in Jesus is taking less chances than not believing in him.

I personally believe that if Jesus is risen from the dead, then he is the only one to give us any accurate information about the spirit world and God. For everyone else, God is a matter of guess work.

But if you don't believe in the resurrection and believe that there are many ways to God, what CAN you say?

I guess for me the only thing is that you cannot have contradictory ways to God. In other words, if one person says "The best way to God is to get all desire out of your life so you no longer want anything" (fundamental Buddhism) and another says "The only way to God is to desire righteousness" (fundamental Judaism and Christianity). These contradict each other, and cannot be reconciled. God is not a schizophrenic. Nor is he a kindly old grandfather, just happy that his children are paying any attention at all to him, so he will accept any kind of gifts. God isn't like that, if he is uniform, if he is the most powerful being in the universe. He wants what he wants and it isn't up to us to tell Him what he wants. What we need to do is to determine what He best wants.

The problem with people saying "I believe" about God is that they are dictating to God who He is and what he wants. They aren't saying, "I believe that God revealed such and such..." They are saying that whatever idea that came into their head is what they determine is God. So what does that really mean? It means that their god is their mind, their opinions. Thus, the cult of "I believe" is the most insidious and narcissistic of idolatries-- the worship of one's own frail, human thinking.

I believe that it is pretty pathetic.

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