Saturday, October 04, 2014

U2: Even Better When They Were the Real Thing

Look, I'm not saying that the new U2 album is bad.  I'm just saying there's a good reason it's free to hundreds of millions of people.  Actually, the last third of the album is worth listening to, and there will be a couple songs I'll put on my permanent playlist.  But the first two thirds is dull to anyone who has listened to U2 before this decade.

Let's spend a little time reviewing some of the best of U2 over the decades:

The Refugee: The power of direct and powerful lyrics and some great energy.

Bad: Builds and builds.  I love screaming "I'm wide awake" in falsetto.

Running to Stand Still: My favorite lyrical work by the band.

Love Rescue Me: Dylan and Bono on the slow burn.

Love and Peace or Else: Recognizing that U2 can still be innovative and energetic when they want.

Yep, they are a great band.  One poor album doesn't change that.

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