Monday, October 31, 2005

Parable of the Model Christian

Once there was a man who was a model Christian. He read his Bible and prayed every day. He sent his children to private Christian schools. He invited his fellow church members out to lunch every Sunday. He received food from grocery stores that weren’t wanted, and he gave it to the poor. He adopted orphans from other countries, and provided them their basic food, clothing and education. Finally, he died and he stood before God. After it was read to God all that he had done from the book, God pronounced his judgement: "According to the mercy you gave, so you shall receive." Thus, for all of eternity, the man ate moldy bread, food from dented cans, and cold entrees. It was given him a shack with holes in the roof to live in. He was given a Bible to read, but he never saw God.


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Steve Kimes said...

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